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The Old, Old Story

Volume 14, No. 11 (November 2019)



As, we look ahead to another Christmas celebration, I really have no new thoughts on the wonder of the Incarnation, so I thought I would direct you back to some previous issues’ reflections on the subject:

Worship Notes 1.12 (December 2006): God with Us

Worship Notes 2.12 (December 2007): The Canticles of Christmas

Worship Notes 3.12 (December 2008): Christmas in Unexpected Places

Worship Notes 4:12 (December 2009): We Beheld His Glory

Worship Notes 5:10 (December 2010): Messiah!

Worship Notes 6.12 (December 2011): WORSHIP THE KING: A Second Look at Matthew 2

Worship Notes 7.11 (November 2012): LIGHT OF THE WORLD: A Christmas Worship Meditation

Worship Notes 8.11 (November 2013): BORN TO DIE: Christmas Communion Resources

Worship Notes 9.11 (November 2014): CHRISTMAS AND THE GLORY OF GOD

Worship Notes 10.11 (November 2015): EMMANUEL: God with Us

Worship Notes 11.11 (November 2016): The Wonder of the Incarnation

Worship Notes 13.11 (November 2018): GOD WITH US: The Wondrous Mystery

Come, wonder anew!

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